Weight Loss and Wellness Program

66% of Americans are overweight and/or in pain and have been given no lasting solution… until Project Health.

Diet Programs are all about quantity—counting calories, fat grams or carbs. Project Health focuses on frequency—how often you eat the foods that turn on your inflammation that causes weight gain, arthritis pain and the other metabolic conditions.

Nancy J. Downhour

Founder / Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist

Hello, I am Nancy J. Downhour the creator of Project Health. I will be your personal teacher and coach.

I have lived and taught Project Health for over 30 years. I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. I turned off the osteoarthritis pain in my knees and hands.

I work personally with each client, meeting with them on zoom to help them gain the same type of success that I have enjoyed. I will determine the best menu plan for you metabolically. People are different and one size doesn’t fit all.

Former client Mary Lou said, “My Project Health results shocked me, far exceeding my original expectations”. If you are ready to finally lose weight, improve your health and enjoy the lasting benefits of Project Health, contact me today.

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Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Eliminate Pain Without Medication

Eliminate Pain Without Medication

Gain Control of Cholesterol & Diabetes

Gain Control of Cholesterol & Diabetes

Sustainable Meal Planning with Regular Food

Sustainable Meal Planning With Regular Food

It’s time to commit to getting results.

It’s hard to change. When things don’t go as you envisioned, you feel trapped and hopeless. Project Health has been extremely beneficial for thousands of people, and it will be for you too. You will commit to getting the results you want and sustaining those results.

Diet Plans Are Complex and Usually Don’t Work

Project Health is Not a Diet, It’s a Sustainable Lifestyle Program

Created by a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and an Integrative Osteopathic Physician (D.O.) .

Helped Thousands of People Make Life Long Changes.

Recommended by Doctors Following Bariatric Surgery.

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Diet Plans Are Complex and Usually Don't Work

Big changes don't have to be hard.
Take the first small step.

Schedule a 15-Minute Consultation

Schedule a 15-Minute Consultation

Learn more about Project Health. We want to get to know you, and help define your roadmap to success.

Get An Actionable Plan Based On Your Profile

Get An Actionable Plan Based On Your Profile

You are one of three distinct genetic profiles. Get an actionable plan based on your body-type to start making small changes that provide you with big wins.

Join 1-on-1, Small Group or Couple Sessions

Join 1-on-1, Small Group or Couple Sessions

Weekly live video classes that explore the latest scientific and medical information.  Expand your understanding of correct nutrition and habit change. Learn to hold yourself accountable.

Get Your Freedom Back

Get Your Freedom Back

Imagine a new you in just 26 short weeks. Your life will be forever changed with the knowledge, experience and confidence you'll gain from Project Health.

Say goodbye to diet plans with no results.

Insulin Resistance




Habit Change

and many more!

Say goodbye to diet plans with no results.

Big changes can be easy. Take the first small step.

Feel more energized than you ever expected!

Eliminate unnecessary medications.

Feel confident in your new body!

Eat regular, everyday foods that you love.

Vegetarian & Pescetarian-friendly meal plans!

Do what you want without weight holding you back.

Project Health Weight Loss and Wellness

The New YOU Is Here To Stay

Ditch the feelings of giving up on yourself. Life shouldn't be about just going through the motions. Your medical conditions don’t have to define you. Become the new you that you have always wanted to be. Start living your rejuvenated life, as the hero of your story. Look in the mirror and feel proud of who you have become, with your newfound confidence.
The New YOU Is Here To Stay