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Project Health is a Life Changing Experience

Project Health has helped a lot of people over the past couple decades and wanted to share with you some of the stories that touched our hearts as much as Project health touched their lives.

My Project Health results shocked me, far exceeding my original expectations! It is so much more than a focus on weight loss.

The Project Health program provides the tools and training to ensure sustainable results in all areas of wellness.

I joined Project Health to lose a few pounds and hopefully improve my elevated blood pressure. After 26 weeks, I lost 30 pounds and achieved the weight I had been when I was twenty-one. I was able to eliminate a blood pressure medication and curb a life long sugar addiction. I have experienced a more positive, energized life. With no change in my skin care routine, a friend recently commented on how great my skin appeared.

I believe there are several keys to my amazing results with Project Health: 

  1. Personalized Plan – My plan is specific for my body’s metabolic type. I am eating well balanced and satisfying meals under a wellness plan designed for me. A crucial success factor is I now know what foods are best for me to eat and plan ahead to ensure I have them on hand.
  2. Coaching for Success – Accountability included a weekly review and analysis of the food and water I consumed, exercise, cravings and energy level. Nancy provided constant encouragement and valuable suggestions for success in her weekly, personalized feedback. A new tasty, healthy recipe that fit my plan was provided every week.
  3. Weekly Group Training Sessions – The group training sessions focused on a wide range of topics to improve physical and mental health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and many other emotional and mental health habits impacting wellness. Group members were encouraged to participate and share experiences to spur each other along to results.

I highly recommend Project Health! To Nancy, to say “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. My experience with Project Health was truly life changing.

– Mary Lou from Delaware, Ohio

Mary Lou - Before & After
Ruth - Before & After

Simply put, Project Health gave me back myself.

I was thin most of my life – through childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. I never had to pay attention to what I was eating or how much I exercised. If I ever felt I was gaining a bit, I simply cut down on a few things on my own, and the problem was solved.

Then I hit my fifties, and everything changed. The weight piled on – 40 pounds. When I looked in the mirror, it was not myself I saw, but some weird blown-up caricature. I convinced myself that this would vanish and the real me would reappear at any moment. I tried to convince myself that with the right clothing, I could still be attractive. I also tried to convince myself that my love of walking and taking dance classes would remain the same, and would see me through this unfortunate period until everything returned to “normal” and I would somehow shrink back to a desirable size.

Meanwhile, my clothing size was steadily climbing. When I reached a size I never thought I would ever have to wear, I was despondent. When that size became too tight, I became furious.

Enter Project Health. I happen to run into two women in my community who, I noticed immediately, had lost a lot of weight since I’d seen them last and they both looked marvelous – marvelous and happy. When I asked each one, separately, how she had achieved this, each reached into her bag and produced Nancy Downhour’s card.

Hesitant and skeptical still, I called and set up an appointment. I never liked the idea of a “diet” – of being told exactly what to eat and what not to eat. I always believed I could figure that out myself. After meeting with Nancy, I understood that Project Health is not a “diet” in the traditional sense – it’s a concept, a healthy understanding of eating sensibly so that one can appreciate one’s food, one’s body, and one’s life. There are no special drink mixes you have to buy – it’s all real food. There are choices; there is an understanding of the fact that human beings have cravings and are not robots. That appealed to me. Now with excitement, I embarked on this adventure.

The result: I lost 38 pounds. Not only do I enjoy being thinner than I was, but I enjoy walking and taking dance classes again. And I enjoy my food! I learned to love – really love – different foods and different ways of eating. My taste for sweets has not vanished completely, and I will occasionally indulge, but it no longer means that much to me. I love my look, and my healthy life. I love buying clothing I could never consider when I was overweight. I love planning meals, either to cook or to order in a restaurant. I love my newfound strength, and I’m proud of my accomplishment.

Most of all, I love that I’ve gotten myself back.

– Ruth from Peoria, Arizona

When it comes to weight loss programs, I was very skeptical. I’ve seen friends go through programs to lose weight only to put it back on a few months later. When we heard about Project Health, my wife suggested I give it a try.

Weight steadily came off. Once I started seeing results, my excitement level increased: “I can do this.” The menus Nancy  gave us were delicious and satisfying.

After six months on the program and 30 pounds lighter (190 to 160), I felt terrific! I had more energy, my sciatica problem disappeared, and my HDL (good cholesterol) went from 63 at the beginning of the program to 70.

I have remained at or near my lowest weight total of 160. Whenever I “splurge,” I have the foundation to get right back on the plan and lose whatever I have gained.

I still don’t believe in weight loss programs, but Project Health is not a weight loss “program”, but a lifestyle educational program that directly impacts your health and weight loss.

– Carl from Peoria, Arizona

Carl - Before & After
Marion - Before & After

A few years ago, I prayed that God would provide a way for my constant, debilitating pain to be eased.

I had undergone 3 total hip replacement surgeries. After the third surgery, I was in severe pain in my right thigh because the bone at the bottom of the prosthesis had fractured. I was wearing a knee brace, which goes from upper thigh to my ankle in an attempt to help me feel more stable while walking. I walked with a pronounced limp and relied on my cane for assistance in walking the best that I could.

I thought seriously about early retirement from my job and filing for disability as I could barely function at work. For many years, I had been in such pain that when I would return home each evening, I would go to bed immediately and sleep until the next morning. Weekends were spent in bed just to be able to function at my job. I barely knew my husband and children.

Two weeks after my prayer, a friend at the beauty shop recommended Project Health to me and referred me to Nancy. After the first week, I was up and around on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. My husband thought it was a fluke, like a placebo effect and I would return to my old self shortly. But by the second week, when I got up in time for work every day and then participated in life for the second weekend in a row, he realized that it was a program that really works.

I have lost 42 pounds and have gone from a size 16 to 10. Losing weight was not part of my original goal. To be pain free or reduce my pain was my goal. The weight loss was just a bonus.

So I guess the moral of the story is God answers prayer. He answered mine by bringing Nancy to our community and putting me in a position where her knowledge and extensive research have given me a new life. No words are adequate to express how thankful I am for the ability to take trips with my husband, walk through a shopping mall for several hours with my daughter, visit with our son and return to doing things I love to do and had given up for years.

– Marion from Columbia, Louisiana

By age 35, I had developed arthritis in my legs, hips and arms. I went through a whole list of arthritis medication through the years. I once told people I had taken enough Celebrex to float a battleship.

Two of my children had traumatic health events within a five-year period. With all of this, I stopped caring about how I looked or what my weight was. Of course, I tried diet programs. I would lose some, gain it and more back and get discouraged. By this point, I had gained so much weight that I could hardly walk and bought an electric scooter and lift for my van so that I could travel. I developed diabetes—more medicine along with antidepressants.

One morning in January 2014, I answered a phone call at my church. It was Nancy Downhour setting up her first meeting in our community. She invited me to attend and I accepted—may as well try.

What a miracle occurred as I entered the most doable eating program I have ever encountered. Within one month after starting, absolutely all arthritis pain was gone. During the next year, I lost 55 pounds and dropped from a size 22 or 24 to size 16 clothes. I walked with no pain or aid and sold my scooter and van.

At one of the first Project Health meetings I attended, Nancy asked where I expected to be in five years. My answer was “pushing up daisies.” Well, let me tell you that changed! Eight years later, I am now 87 years old and still have no pain. My weight is a healthy 148 pounds!

– Joanne from Columbia, Louisiana

Joanne - Before & After

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Schedule a 15-Minute Consultation

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Get An Actionable Plan Based On Your Profile

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Join 1-on-1, Small Group or Couple Sessions

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Get Your Freedom Back

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Big changes can be easy. Take the first small step.

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